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This website is for everybody – young, old, and anyone who wants to know more about cancer and cancer prevention.

The website gives information about:

  • Cancer
  • Cancer Awareness
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Stories from Deaf people who had cancer

Cancer affects all people, no matter where or who they are. This also includes Deaf people, but Deaf people have problems getting information to help them understand cancer better.

Many Deaf people do not have access to health information on cancer and cancer prevention, because information from health services (e.g., doctors, clinics, and hospitals) and from the media (e.g. TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines) are not suitable for Deaf people, which usually include:

  • Lots of text (too many words)
  • Too few pictures
  • Lots of jargons (‘posh’ or difficult/long words)
  • No sign language or subtitles on videos and TV adverts
  • etc…!

We hope this website will help you understand more about cancer and cancer prevention.

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